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The pick-up and delivery of U.S. mail for our clients is the service upon which Norco Delivery Services was founded. We share a long, illustrious history of partnership with the United States Postal Service. In fact, Norco Delivery Services makes daily pick-ups at every United States Post Office in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Mail Pickup Service

Norco Mail Services include earlier mail delivery from your P.O. Box to your office and can include later mail pick up from your office to the Post Office. Our goal is to meet your needs and requirements through customized delivery times and later US Mail acceptance times from the back dock at the Post Office Processing Center.  We do not have volume limits and will include pickup or delivery of all First Class Mail, Certified Mail, Registered Mail, Insured, Priority, Express and Parcels. Our uniformed drivers are all bonded and insured and pick up your mail in professional radio equipped company vehicles.

Presort Service

Norco Mail Services offer our customers the opportunity to save on postage through comingling your mail with others to allow us to achieve volume discounts from the Post Office. These savings are offered to all on letter and flat sized mail and do NOT have a minimum volume requirement. That means savings no matter how much or how little mail you will presort. This service is offered with Norco’s mail pick up service.

Mail Metering Service

Norco Mail Services include the offer to have us meter all of the mail services offered by the USPS (First Class, Certified, Registered, Insured, Priority and Parcels) on your behalf. We can assist you in driving out the high cost associated with leasing or purchasing your own postage meter and the cost of staffing, maintaining and the ongoing use of the meter (Service Contracts, Ink, print head and meter strips).

National Priority Parcel Delivery

Norco Mail Services provides a competitive advantage to our clients by way of National Priority Parcel Delivery through the Post Office. As we pick up your Norco Overnite Parcels, we will pick up your USPS Priority Parcels and take them to the Post Office for you. Only through Norco Delivery Services can you receive such a diversified menu of services to meet your National Shipping needs.

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