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GSO and Norco Announce Strategic Alliance

Beginning January 5, 2015, GSO will assume responsibility for all aspects of overnight delivery services previously provided by Norco/OverniteExpress, allowing Norco to focus its operations on courier, messenger and mail services.

All package pickup and delivery, tracking, customer service and billing functions will be provided by GSO.

There will be no disruption in service for Norco Customers and shippers can continue to make Norco Overnight labels using the Norco website and Norco software. Pickup service for all Norco/OverniteExpress drop boxes and customer pickup locations will continue uninterrupted.

Norco Schedule Route, Same-day and Mail Customers will experience no changes to service, as these services will continue to be provided by Norco Delivery Services.

GSO customers will not experience any change in their delivery service and will now have access to 1,200 combined drop boxes in the GSO, Norco and OverniteExpress network.

Many questions about the transition can be answered below. If you have additional questions, please contact Customer Service.

GSO Customer Service: 800-322-5555
GSO Homepage:

Q: When will GSO take over Norco Overnight Delivery Services?
A: GSO will begin pick up service at all scheduled Norco customer and drop box locations on January 5, 2015 for deliveries on January 6, 2015.

Q: Will there be any change to my Norco Messenger, Courier and Mail services?
A: No, Norco will continue to provide messenger, courier and mail services.

Q: Do I have to do anything differently?
A: No, you can continue preparing labels as you normally would with Norco applications. Norco will continue pickup service for all services besides Norco Overnight - GSO will assume responsibility for picking up and delivering those shipments.

FAQs for Norco/Overnite Express Customers

Q: Can I still use Norco and Overnight Express Drop Boxes?
A: Yes, GSO will be picking up from all Norco/OverniteExpress Drop Boxes as well as Norco scheduled customer pickup locations.

Q: Does this mean I need to find a GSO drop box or can I still use Norco's drop boxes?
A: This means that you have more options! You will be able to use GSO, Norco or OverniteExpress drop boxes.

Q: I am a Norco "On-Call" customer - who do I call if I need to schedule a pick up?
A: You will be able to call either Norco or GSO to schedule a pickup. Beginning January 5, 2015, your calls will be handled by GSO Customer Service staff.

Q: Is the pickup time going to change on my drop box?
A: No. GSO will continue to honor all Norco/OverniteExpress published pickup times

Q: Who should I expect to pick up my packages?
A: Beginning January 5, GSO will pick up your packages. Your pickup driver will be wearing a GSO uniform.

Q: Is my office pickup time going to change?
A: No, there will be no change to your scheduled pickup time.

Q: Can I change my scheduled daily pickup time if I want to?
A: Yes. Once GSO begins providing service, you can change your pickup times by contacting GSO.

Q: I currently have a GSO account and a Norco account, so which account should I use?
A: You can use either your GSO account or your Norco account. After January 5, 2015 both accounts will be serviced by GSO.

Q: Will my current Norco Account Number be my GSO Account Number?
A: Beginning January 5, your Norco billing account number will be your GSO account number. This is a 7-digit account number in which "10" is added to your 5-digit Norco Shipping account number. For example, if your Norco shipping account number is 12345, then your GSO account number will be 1012345 (which is the same as your current Norco billing account).

Q: I have Norco Shipping software - can I continue to use it?
A: Yes, you may continue to use Norco software, but it will be better to convert to GSO software after the change takes place, so that you may take advantage of all GSO service offerings.

Q: Will I be able to continue using my Norco packaging supplies?
A: Yes, you may continue using Norco packaging supplies.

Q: Will I still receive invoices from Norco?
A: Invoices for Messenger, Courier and Mail Services will continue to come from Norco. For Overnight deliveries, your invoices will come from GSO and you will remit payment to GSO.

Q: On what days should I expect to receive invoices from GSO?
A: GSO sends invoices on the 15th and the last day of each month.

Q: GSO has a much larger overnight service area ‐ can I ship to more locations using GSO?
A: Yes, but you will need to use the GSO Customer Portal or Shipping software to make labels for shipments to GSO’s expanded delivery area.

Q: When can I start using the GSO Shipping Portal?
A: You will be able to register a login once your Norco Account number is active in the GSO system on/near January 5, 2015

Q: What services does GSO offer for Overnight Delivery Service?
A: GSO offers 4 primary overnight delivery service:

  • Early Priority Overnight Service (EPS - by delivery by 8:00am)
  • Priority Overnight Delivery Service (PDS - delivery by 10:30am)
  • Noon Priority Delivery Service (NPS - delivery 12:00noon)
  • GSO Ground Delivery Service (CPS - delivery by the end of next day)

Q: Will I be able to use any Norco Delivery Service Type?
A: Yes, but there will be some automatic conversion to GSO service types if you make your labels with Norco shipping applications. For example:

  • 2-day services will convert to GSO Ground
  • Norco One service will convert to GSO NPS (Noon priority) service
  • Norco Morning Service will convert to GSO PDS (Priority Overnight)

Q: Are my rates going to change?
A: GSO is making every effort to match existing Norco rate tables. There may be some discrepancies to individual charges due to the conversion to GSO rating systems, service types, and zones.

Q: Will I be able to track shipments I sent using the Norco website, on the GSO web site?
A: Yes, shipments sent using the Norco website after January 5th, can be tracked at

Q: What about my older Norco shipments - will I be able to track those?
A: Yes, you will be able to track and obtain historical Proof-of-delivery information.

GSO Customer Service: 800-322-5555
GSO Homepage: